Not just a hotel but a cultural destination THE STORY

Since its early beginnings, Aldemar Knossos Royal has been a getaway that captures Crete’s natural beauty and rich history. Fast forward to today, it continues to root us in the local land, empowering this luxurious hotel’s individuality centred around the authentic and warm-heartedness of Greek 'philoxenia'.

At Aldemar Knossos Royal, we believe that a hotel should reflect the local culture and cultivate a community spirit which betters the lives of locals and visitors alike. 

Therefore, our mission goes beyond merely engaging our guests. Our aim has always been to build trust and relationships that stand the test of time. With a remarkable number of repeat guests, we take pride in our consistency in our vision thanks to our high-end services, personalised experiences, appreciation of great food and extraordinary facilities.

Family-owned and run by the second generation, Aldemar Knossos Royal embodies the meaning of belonging and honours the past, bringing its essentials into the present as hospitality evolves.

Sustainability is deeply embedded in our philosophy. We practise sustainability in every aspect of our everyday operations, empowering eco policies and contributing to the community in which we operate.

The result is authentic, sustainable, original and deeply personal hospitality.


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